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ZXR-3A Transformer Winding Resistance Tester

This instrument is a high-precision regeneration product used to replace DC single/double bridge. Equipped with advanced switch power supply technology, the measurement speed of the instrument is faster a hundred times than that of the bridge. Using four and half bits LCD to display the measurement results and  three and half bits LCD to display ambient temperature or test current value, it overcomes the shortcoming of other similar products that it is difficult to read value from the LED display in the sun and possesses automatic arc suppression function. The instrument is characterized by fast test speed, high precision, intuitive display, strong anti-interference ability, small size, low power consumption, stable and reliable test data. Built-in rechargeable battery pack (12V) and AC/DC dual-use, the instrument is very convenient for on-site and field test.

Technical indicators

1、Temperature:0℃~40℃    Humidity:≤85%RH

2、Measuring range:1mΩ~20mΩ;20~200mΩ;0.2~2Ω;2~20Ω;20~200Ω;200Ω~2kΩ

3、measurement accuracy:0.5    Resolution:1μΩ

4、constant current source:3A(1uΩ~2Ω)、0.3A(2Ω~20Ω)、0.03A(20Ω~200Ω)、0.003A(200Ω~2000Ω)

5、Ammeter display range:0.30A~3.00A

6、Operating Voltage: DC:12V~16.8V(2.2Ah)AC:220V Power consumption:≤15W

7、Volume and weight:335×275×175mm/2.8kg

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