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ZX-BCS Automatic Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

The instrument adopts large-screen true color liquid crystal as the display, full Chinese graphical operation interface and equipped with English prompt information, multi-parameter display LCD display interface, human-machine dialogue interface friendly, vector diagram display and wiring judgment to check the correct circuit Sex provides a reliable basis. Full touch type conductive silicone keyboard operation, operation feel good, easy to learn. The built-in large-capacity power-down device does not lose data memory. It can save on-site verification data and can store and expand up to 1,000 groups of on-site verification results. It can provide back-end microcomputer management software, upload results to a computer, and implement computerized management.

The instrument adopts an engineering plastic shell independently designed and manufactured by the company. The appearance of the instrument is beautiful and practical. Field test is easy to operate.

Technical indicators

1. TTR measurement range: 0.8~10000.

2. High measurement speed: three-phase test can be completed within 40 seconds.

3. Measurement accuracy:

① Voltage measurement accuracy on HV side: 0.05%

② Voltage measurement accuracy on LV side: 0.1%

③ Phase angle measurement accuracy: 0.1°

4. TTR measurement accuracy: 0.1%(0.8-3000)


5. Volume: 320mm*240mm*130mm.

6. Weight: 3Kg.

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