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ZXYZ-J On Load Tap Changer AC Parameter Tester

Transformer Tap Changer Tester is an ideal device for testing on load tap changer. 

Technical indicators

1. Working condition:

 1)environment temperature: -10℃~40℃

 2)environment humidity: ≤80%

 3)altitude: ≤2000m

2. Power supply

 1)Single phase voltage: 220(1±10%)V

 2)Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz

 3)Waveform: sine wave, distortion≤2%

3. Internal output testing power:

 1)AC output frequency: 50Hz±0.2Hz(adjustable)

 2)AC output voltage range: Three phase four line 0~500V( voltage adjustable)

 3)AC output capacity: rating 1000VA

 4)AC power source waveform distortion factor:≤3%

 5)AC current voltage phase angle: 120°angle difference≯120°±1°


1)Synchronous sampling channels: 6

 2)Sampling data accuracy: 16 digits

 3)Sampling speed: 200 k/s/channel

 4)Sampling panel caching depth: 8 M byte FIFO

 5)Voltage range: 0V~500V

 6)Current range: 0mA~100mA、0A~10A

 7)Voltage current accuracy: 0.5


 1)Insulation resistance: power supply input terminal to case >20MΩ

 2)It can withstand 1500V AC voltage (RMS)

6、Weight and volume:

 1)Weight: 30kg (exclude accessories)

 2)Dimension: 530*320*600(mm)

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