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ZX-BRL Transformer Capacity Loss Parameters Tester

This tester built in large capacity rechargeable Li-battery, can work without three phase testing source, voltage regulator, large current generator, can continuously test 100 times after full charge.

Technical indicators

1. measurement range

1) Active section


②output Current:0~10A

2) Passive section

①voltage:0~750V Wide limit (Can connecte external voltage transformer)

②Current:0~100A automatically shifting measuring range inside((Can connecte external current transformer)

2. Accuracy

1) Voltage / current / frequency:±0.2%

2) power:±0.5%(CosΦ>0.1),±1.0%(0.02<CosΦ<0.1)

3. working temperature:-10℃~ +40℃

4. Rechargeable power supply:AC/160V~260V

5. Insulation

1) The insulating resistance of voltage& current input terminal to case≥100MΩ

2) The input terminal of the working power can stand 2kV (RMS) to case, time is 1 minute

6. Outside Dimension:32×24×13cm


The operation video
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